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Reflecting on Africa During Black History Month

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Alexandria, VA - It has been said that America and Africa are two vast continents separated by over 4,000 miles of ocean - but united by over 400 years of history. Africa is where humanity got its start. Where pharaohs ruled and civilization first flourished. At a time when it is proven that humanity itself is traced back to Africa, African Americans who have a direct ancestral link to the continent need to reconsider their ties to Africa. Black History month provides an opportunity to re visit the "African" in African American. Re-connection to Africa can take several forms:

* Learning more about African history and culture
* Getting involved in African causes
* Tracing African roots through DNA testing
* Traveling to Africa
* Exploring trade and investment opportunities on the continent

Africa's Image and Investment Opportunities:

Yes, Africa is a land of wars, poverty and corruption. The situation in places like Darfur, Sudan, desperately cries out for more media attention and international action. But Africa is also a land of stock markets, high rises, Internet cafes and a growing middle class. This is the part of Africa that functions. And this Africa also needs media attention, if it's to have any chance of fully joining the global economy. (Read April 17, 2005, article called "The Africa You Never See" by Carol Pineau printed in the Washington Post)

Africa on the Radar Screen

These days Africa seems to be on the radar screen. In July 2007, Vanity Fair came out with a special issue on Africa with 20 different covers and articles/editorials. The series is described by the magazine as "..profiling incredible people of our time, involved in this effort to make Africa better, to get Africa self-sufficient, and to try to get rid of AIDS on the continent." The One campaign and Red are also mobilizing people to get involved in activities addressing poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The Partners for Africa Program (PFA) believes that African Americans should also be involved in developing and participating in these kinds of campaigns which have the potential to make a considerable impact on Africa. The program seeks to strengthen links between African Americans and Africa through awareness raising about Africa and by providing an opportunity to get involved in one of Africa's biggest challenges - the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Become a member of the Partners for Africa program (PFA) and make an impact! Visit our website at

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