Black Movies & Film

Over the past 6 decades or so, black movies have filled our homes with much laughter, tears, joy, and endearing moments. There are no time-limits for our quizzes, so you have an eternity to concentrate on your answers. Mybrotha.COM does not reveal your quiz information to anyone.

Black Movies

Quotes: Who Said That?

Movie quotes are like songs; you often find yourself repeating them without much thought. Do you know which movies contained these quotes?

Characters: Name the Movie

How good are you at remembering character names? These characters are hard to forget. Try to match the character with the movie.

Black Actors/Actresses and Their Roles

A variety of popular questions from some of the most memorable Black movies. See if you can match the actor/actress, with their movie.

More Black Actors/Actresses and Their Roles

More of a variety of popular questions about some of the most memorable black movies, actors, and actresses. Get ready to test your movie trivia skills!

Blaxploitation: Variety

Try your luck on some of the most popular Black movies, actors, and actresses. These Afro-based films established a new trend in Black movie production.

Black Actors: Leading and Supporting Men

The arena of talented Black actors is filled to the brim. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Afro-American actors, their roles, and their accomplishments.

Black Actresses: Leading and Supporting Women

Too many superb black actresses to cover in one quiz, but we have 10 questions that highlight some of the best. Test your knowledge of Afro-American actresses and their roles.

Quiz Topics

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