Black Television

Black television has brought us decade after decade of comedy, drama, shocking moments, and new catchphrases. These questions will quiz you on past and present shows, actors and actresses, and memorable television moments.

Black Television

Who Is This Actor/Actress?

Who are these prominent actors and actresses? Try your luck at trivia about some of television's best black actors and actresses.

Characters and Their Roles

If you watch your share of Black television shows, you will have no problem with these trivia questions. Some of the most memorable Black actors, actresses, and their shows are recalled.

Characters and Famous Occurrences

Do you recall the most famous one liners, mottos, or events? Test yourself by matching the person with his or her television character's famous line or occurrence.

Actors and Actresses

More fun trivia with the best Black television shows. Try to match popular Black actors and actresses with the roles they played on series, events, and variety shows.

Actors and Actresses: The 1980's

Let's go back to the 1980's when hair was big, MTV played videos and television sets were jumping. Try to guess which actors and actresses starred in which shows.

Classic Shows: Sanford & Son - Variety

Purely humorous trivia about the life and times of a Watts junk dealer. Recall characters and scenes from one of the 70's most popular television shows.

Classic Shows: Good Times - Nicknames

So you think you can remember all of those nicknames this show produced? Put on your thinking caps to help remember characters nicknames and the people who used them.

Quiz Topics

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