Blaxploitation: Movies, Actors and Actresses

Explore the world of Blaxploitation, a genre of Black film that targetted African-Americans and starred predominately Black actors.

1. Tamara Dobson starred as a special agent fighting drug-trafficking in this 1973 action-adventure:

Come Hell or High Water
Cleopatra Jones
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song
The Mack

2. Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier appeared in a few 70's comedy-dramas including _______, a story about recovering a lottery ticket from a stolen wallet:

Uptown Saturday Night
Trouble Man

3. Richard Roundtree gained worldwide recognition for his portrayal of this gritty, Black detective:

"Virgil Tibbs"
"Ed Green"
"B.T. Stubbs"

4. This 1988 parody of blaxploitation films was written and directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans:

Talk To Me
Willie Dynamite
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Dirty Little Secrets

5. Blacula, a 1972 rendition of Dracula, was a movie about an African prince who is bitten by:

A snake
A vampire
A dog
A spider

6. This blaxploitation classic featured a top-selling soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield:


7. This actor stars as an Afro-wearing special agent in the 2002 parody, Undercover Brother:

Samuel L. Jackson
Bernie Casey
Andre Brauer
Eddie Griffin

8. R&B group Rose Royce provided music for this 1976 movie about employess at a car wash:

Street Fight
Car Wash
Cooley High
Mean Johnny Barrows

9. Cornbread, Earl and Me featured a story about a star basketball player who:

Was mistakenly shot and killed by the police
Later became famous and gambled away his earnings
Left his basketball career to become a math teacher
Later became wealthy after starting a successful soul-food restaurant in Harlem, NY

10. This 1991 movie featured character "Nino Brown", a prominent drug leader in New York city:

Original Gangstas
New Jack City
The Great White Hype

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