Do You Take No For An Answer?

Guys have been on the receiving end of rejection for hundreds of years. But being turned down never gets easier over time. How do you handle the word 'no' when a woman sends you the rejection notice?

1. When a woman expresses no interest in you, you contact her anyway because she might change her mind.

Exactly. Women don't know what they want until they get it.
Not usually. I move on if she's not interested.
It depends on how I'm rejected. If she does it nicely, there's always a chance!
Women never express disinterest in me!

2. If a woman declines a date, you believe it's:

Because she's a fool for not recognizing a rare brotha.
Because she's not interested.
Because you have something she doesn't want.
Because you didn't impress her during the first impression.

3. Has a woman ever asked you to 'stop' before moving further with sexual intercourse?

No, never happened.
Yes, happens often.
Yes, but it was because she was nervous.
No, but I could tell she wanted me to stop.

4. Who do you feel controls the structure of the dating game?

Women, because they dictate when and if they will be with a man.
Men, because we're the hunters and it's what we're programmed to do.
Neither. It starts out 50-50, then becomes lopsided once a relationship starts.
None of the above.

5. How do you normally feel if a woman doesn't wish to go out with you?

Pissed off. It's just a simple date. Not like I'm trying to marry her.
A little perturbed, but not enough to cry about it.
Don't think twice about it. There are plenty of women around!
Good! It's a game I play that helps me figure out which women are serious.

6. When in a relationship, you think about 'control' as:

Something that is shared between the couple.
Something I have to have more of.
Something I wish for her to have more of.
Something that both of us could do without.

7. When a woman answers 'no' to your flirtatious requests, you feel:

Energized! We all know that a woman's 'no' means, 'yes'.
Dejected and upset. Simple flirting should be common among men and women.
Nothing specific. I just find someone else to flirt with.
That she's missing out on some flirty fun with a good guy.

8. After a second date, if a woman declines a third date, you think:

She's not feeling us as a compatible match.
She was only in it for the free dinner and movies, and has found another sucker.
She's playing that female 'rules' game where she's expecting me to run after her.
Nothing. I don't usually go out with the same woman more than twice.

9. When you're looking for a woman's attention, you think it's necessary to:

Make her feel that she has no choice in going out with me.
Impress her so much that she cannot say 'no'.
Give her the option to either accept or decline the invite.
Wait for her to approach. That way, I know she's interested.

10. How many times must a woman decline your requests for a date before you catch the hint?

Just one time.
At least two or three times.
She can decline all she wants. I'll keep asking.
I don't give her the chance. I wait until she asks me.

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