Are You Obsessive?

One of the biggest quirks a person can have, is an obsession. Even more intriguing, is when a person seemingly has an obsession with another person. Do you obsess over someone?

1. The account rep from a software company visits your office. You exchange business cards and:

Chill out and wait for her to call you.
E-mail her often, thinking she'll eventually get back to you.
Call her once, but call it quits if she doesn't respond immediately.
Phone or e-mail a couple of times before calling it quits.

2. The young lady you've been checking out already has a mate. Do you:

Tell her how you feel, regardless of who she's with?
Flirt anyway, seeing how far you can push her?
Try to influence her by showing how much you care?
Forget about a pursuit and move on?

3. If you're attracted to a woman who is known to be promiscuous, you:

Dive right in, hoping to "straighten her out"
Walk away. Been there, done that.
Consider the fun you would have, taking her number for a future rendevous
Talk to her a little, but refrain from getting caught up

4. Have you ever been infatuated with a stranger to the point of sending her a secret admirer note?

Yep. Done it a few times.
No, I just like to look. I'm not a weirdo!
I've had strong feelings for someone I didn't know, but never contacted them.
I've never had significant feelings for a stranger.

5. When a woman broke your heart in the past, you:

Felt bitterness and resentment, and wanted her to know what she did.
Dialed her number just to hear her say "hello", then hung up.
Secretly driven by her house to see if someone was there, or if she was even home.
None of the above.

6. If you fall head-over-heels in love, you:

Think about her often, but call only once a day.
Have her on your mind constantly. You call and e-mail her several times a day.
Think about her a few times, but don't blow up her phone.
Have her on your mind constantly, but never let her know.

7. When you're spending time with your mate, you often:

Question her about who she's been with or talking to that day.
Find yourself thinking about the times when shes not with you.
Ignore her, wishing you were somewhere else.
Enjoy her company, categorizing it as time well-spent

8. Your mate takes a trip to the Big Easy with a few girlfriends. You feel:

Slighted because she's not spending that time with you.
Good that she's leaving you alone to watch television all weekend!
Like hopping on a plane and surprising her at the hotel.
Happy that she's enjoying time with her friends.

9. When you're at home with your mate, you are often:

Spending time on your hobbies, while she's spending time on hers.
Completely separated from her.
Following her around, wishing to touch and hold her.
Wondering why she won't leave you alone.

10. Your desire to be in, or stay in a long-term relationship:

Is based on your desire to be around a woman all day, everyday.
Is based on your need for money and a place to live.
Has more to do with status than the person you're with.
Has more to do with boredom than actually being with someone.

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