Classic Shows: Sanford & Son Variety

Join Fred, Lamont and the rest of the crew for a series of questions about the 70's most beloved junk man.

1. Who composed the theme song for Sanford & Son?

Ray Charles
Quincy Jones
Otis Redding
Stevie Wonder

2. What was "Aunt Esther's" last name?


3. Who was Aunt Esther's husband?


4. No episode of Sanford & Son ever showed the bedrooms upstairs:

Correct. No episodes ever showed the upstairs
A few episodes showed the upstairs
Every episode showed the upstairs
Only one episode showed the upstairs

5. During the "Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe" episode, it was later implied that Grip:

Was Fred's long, lost brother
Was in Esther's bedroom when he thought he was in Elizabeth's
Was actually Lamont's father
Was a con-artist

6. In the "TB or not TB" episode, it was revealed that Lamont didn't have tuberculosis. There was a glitch in his x-rays due to a:

Technical breakdown of the x-ray machine
Jelly donut stain on the x-ray sheet
Person standing in front of the x-ray during Lamont's examination
St. Christopher medal he was wearing

7. What was the full name of Fred and Lamont's Puerto Rican neighbor?

Julio Rodriguez
Julio Jimenez
Julio Fuentes
Julio Riviera

8. When Julio moved out, Fred and Lamont rennovated and rented his old house calling it:

Sanford and Son and More
Sanford Estates
Sanford Guesthouses
Sanford Arms

9. What was character "Bubba's" last name?


10. Fred often broke into an impromptu rendition of this song:

"New York, New York"
"If I Didn't Care"
"Distant Lover"

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