What Turns You On?

Don't even think that all brothas are the same. We're all different. So what turns you on?

1. When it comes to the senses, what best describes you?

Auditory (I like to hear the sounds!)
Visual (I like to see what I'm getting into!)
Smell (Nothing sexier than a nice smelling woman!)
Touch (I go off when I feel a woman's body!)

2. An ideal evening with a woman would be:

Movie, dinner, relaxing at my place
Stroll in the park, a play, then dinner
Concert, afterparty at local hotel, share a room together
Watching television, quiet dinner at home

3. Which of the following superstar honeys would you like to spend an evening with?

Halle Berry
Kelly Rowland
Give me all of them!

4. When your partner wears lingerie, you:

Ignore it, since you would rather deal with what's underneath!
Are turned on more than usual
Think it's sexy, but not too important
Think about wearing something sexy yourself

5. Of the following, your most favorite body type would be:

Tall, slim
Short, thick
Medium sized, thick
Large, thick

6. A woman's hair:

Defines her true beauty!
Helps me get in the mood
Is sexy, but I find other parts more interesting
Who cares about hair?

7. When a woman touches me:

I really get aroused
I'm sometimes aroused
It does nothing for me
I'm repulsed by it!

8. You have the most intense orgasms when:

You change positions often during sex
You switch to one, specific position
All of my orgasms are pretty much the same
When you get off on your own

9. Watching a sexy woman dance:

Does nothing for me
Makes me want to dance with her
Is really arousing for me
Takes my mind down a road of intense sex!

10. If you were to experiment, you would:

Use toys during sex with your partner
Allow her to use toys on you
Introduce other persons into your bedroom
Act out each other's fantasies

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