How Well Do You Understand Woman-Speak?

Women have a language of their own. Most men begin to understand some it through trial and error. This quiz will help determine whether or not you're understanding what she's saying.

1. In an argument, you ask: "What do you want from me?" She replies: "Do whatever you feel is best."

There is no "best" answer. You'll be in trouble no matter which option you choose.
Choose the option you feel she likes the most.
Don't choose anything and you'll be safe.
Choose the option your friends use in their relationships.

2. When a woman says "I need space." More than likely:

She wants you to say, "No, please don't."
She's already taken some space and is just now telling you
She wants more space between your part of the house and hers
She's looking for an excuse to buy a new household item

3. If your partner tells you that something concerns her, she:

Knows you're not going to actually listen, and doesn't expect you to be concerned
Really wants you to hear, understand, and acknowledge it
Is just practicing for when she tells her friends
Doesn't really care if you understand it

4. A woman you've been chatting with for days, offers you her phone number. She:

Is extremely aggressive and should be ignored
Refuses to take phone numbers from men, so always offers hers
Is probably wondering why you didn't ask for hers first
Is showing geniune interest and wants you to call her

5. How often does your mate mention the quality of your relationship?

Once in a while
Every freakin' day
She never mentions the quality of our relationship
She doesn't believe we should call it a relationship

6. After a date, your lady friend asks: "Would you like to come in and have a light drink?"

That sleaze is just looking for sex
She wants to slip a mysterious powder into your drink and rob you
She enjoyed your company and wants to mellow out
It's a front to get you to paint her guest room

7. When she asks the dreaded question: "How do I look in this dress?" She:

Wants you to lie about her appearance in the dress
Wants your true opinion (good or bad) about her appearance in the dress
Doesn't really care, but asks anyway so that you feel worthwhile
Knows your answer will be negative, and wants to start an argument

8. After your first night of steamy sex, she tells you: "You're the best!"

She REALLY thinks I'm the best she's ever had
That's just a line used to boost my ego
She enjoyed it, but it's nothing to write a book about
You're the worst she's ever had, so she tells you the opposite

9. Your mate says, "Me and the girls are going to the mall to look at purses. We'll be back shortly."

They will go to the mall and be back within 1.5 hours
They will go to the mall, but may also go to 5 other places and not return for 10 hours
They will go to the mall and return the next day
They will not go to the mall, but to a party instead

10. Your mate tells you that your buddy is rude and immature. She:

Really thinks he's rude and immature, and wants you to get rid of him
Wants to hook up with him
Would like for him to meet her best friend
Wishes he would fall off of a cliff, but won't tell you to ignore his friendship

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