Womens Health Quiz: For Men

This quiz covers some of the most important topics in women's health. Test your knowledge by answering questions concerning the female body and women's health statistics.

1. Women should get this medical test yearly to check for signs of cervical or uterine cancer:

Prostate exam
Pap smear
Bone Density scan

2. Which of the following hormones is not found in the female body:


3. Women are more vulnerable to HIV infection because:

The infection can only be passed from man to woman
More virus is present in sperm than in vaginal secretions
Women don't get checkups as regularly as men
Women have a higher percentage of bodyfat than men

4. Almost ______ as many men as women suffer heart attacks before age 63

2 times
4 times
8 times
10 times

5. All pregnant women experience:

Morning sickness
A rise in hormone levels
Massive cravings for pickles and sweets

6. Life expectancy for women (U.S.) is currently between

45-50 years
55-65 years
65-75 years
85-95 years

7. Birth control pills are:

Vitamins that can kill sperm cells inside a woman's body
Sugar pills that block sperm from reaching the egg
Mineral pills that keep women from having menstrual cycles
A synthetic form of hormones that prevents ovulation

8. During child development, 23 chromosomes come from the father and:

Only 22 come from the mother
23 come from the mother
25 come from the mother
None come from the mother

9. A___________ is a test used to detect signs of breast cancer in women.


10. Fibroid tumors occur often in African-American women. Treatment may include:

All of the above

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