Are You Bad In Bed?

No woman likes bad sex. Sadly, if the sex is too bad, she'd probably rather just cuddle. Here's a good way to determine if you're bad in bed.

1. During sex, your partner usually does one of the following:

Begins to fall asleep before it's over
Enjoys herself, but never seems to reach orgasm
Screams your name, constantly
Chains the door and refuses to let you leave

2. To you, giving oral sex:

Is like having a sexual dinner
Is nasty
You do it, but only because she likes it
Is better than intercourse

3. Sometimes, men need guidance. If she shows you how she wants to be touched, you:

Take it as an insult
Try to follow along as best you can
Wonder where she learned to touch herself like that
Love it when she shows you what to do

4. It's safe to say that most women like a bit of variety. During sex, you:

Constantly move around, offering a variety of positions
Like to move around, but nothing too freaky
Change positions often, seeking to stimulate in different ways
Usually stay in the same position during the entire experience

5. If your mate does something that is not really stimulating for you, your response is:

Verbally criticize what she's doing, so that she knows how to perform better next time
Ignore it. It's sex, so it's all good
Allow her to finish, then bring up the subject after the sexual encounter is over
Gently inform her that you're not comfortable, then change positions

6. During sex, the 'ol "tool" isn't performing like it should. You:

Try to continue by using other forms of arousal to stimulate her
Stop and remain quiet, so you don't make matters worse
Scream in disgust and leave the room
Make up an excuse about having too much sugar earlier in the day

7. How difficult is it for you to concentrate on your partner, and not another person?

Very difficult
Somewhat difficult
Not difficult at all
Others never cross my mind while having sex

8. Women sometimes like it rough. They sometimes like it gentle. You:

Move at a snails pace, to keep the friction down
Always bring it rough and fierce
Introduce both gentleness and roughness for variety
Try to manage something in between

9. If your woman is experiencing pain during intercourse, you are:

Happy that you're able to lay it down like that
Hearing it as complaining and simply continue having sex
Slowing down, hoping she'll become more comfortable
Halting the sex and asking her how she would like to proceed

10. When giving oral stimulation, you often:

Spend more time giving oral than you do on intercourse
Get bored, but try to put in 3 or 4 good minutes of stimulation
Lick, fumble and tease for a minute, then jump straight into intercourse
Get aroused, giving more stimulation as she gets closer to orgasm

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