Do You Have A Large Ego?

A man isn't a man unless he has an ego. Yes... women have egos too, but they're no where near as enormous as a man's can be. Is your ego off the charts? Take our quiz and find out.

1. To you, an independent, career-oriented, financially successful woman, is:

A tremendous turn-off
Cool for other guys, but unattractive to me
Admirable and inspiring
Independent women turn me on.... big time!

2. When it comes to verbal self-expression, you usually don't reveal:


3. Holding hands with your mate in public makes you feel:

What? I'm not holding anybody's hand. That's embarrassing!
That is so, "high school". I don't have to hold her hands, she knows how I feel about her
Holding hands is cool.... I can do that
I really enjoy holding hands. Makes me feel closer to my girl.

4. Your mate says that she finds the new guy at work, "funny and nice". Your response is:

"Ahhhh... why are you cheating on me?"
"You think some fool is funnier and nicer than me?"
"You're funny and nice, so it's only natural that you recognize it"
"Oh yeah, he sounds like a really cool fella."

5. You call a previous date for a follow-up date and she tells you that she's not interested. You:

Beg her to explain why she's not interested in you
Can't understand how she could ignore someone like you
Take a moment to reflect on the first date and then put it behind you
Say to yourself, "Whatever... on to the next honey!"

6. You realize that your super sexy date knows more about a car engine than you do -- you feel:

Like a total wimp who really should pummel her when it comes to car stuff
Okay about it, as long as she never mentions it again
You think, "Female car junkie, huh? Interesting!"
Women who can get oily and dirty with a car engine is a turn-on!

7. When you're at a restaurant on a date, you feel that you should pay for the meal:

Every, single time, because it's the man's duty.
Because I'd feel very uncomfortable if I didn't pay
If me and my date agree that I should pay
If I invited her. If she invited me, she's welcome to pay

8. You feel most comfortable in a relationship when:

You are in total control
When you have the most control
You have some control, but not all of it
Things are as even as possible

9. When a good looking guy enters the same room you're in, you occupy, you:

Feel threatened and appalled that someone is occupying your territory
"What? I don't even notice if another man is good looking!"
May notice, but that's about it
Don't really pay much attention unless he says something to you

10. If someone challenges your manhood, you usually feel:

Threatened and wouldn't mind kicking someone's backside to prove yourself
That you have to defend yourself, but in a non-violent way
No stress from it, but take pride in knowing your own manhood
That other persons' opinions are just that... their opinions

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