Are You In Love?

How do you know when you are in love? Does anybody even know what love is?

There is no one way to define love. Some describe it as a feeling, while others say it's an entity unrelated to feelings.

Whatever your definition, love is unique to each individual. For your own definition of, "love", are you feeling it with your mate? Take this 10-question quiz and discover whether you're in love, or just going through the motions.

1. How do you feel when you are with your mate?

Like I want to be somewhere else.
I feel like I'm really interested in learning more about her.
Like I want to jump in her pants.
I really don't feel anything when I'm with her.

2. You're getting dressed to go out for a night on the town with your mate. What do you wear?

I look for my best pair of Sean John jeans, and my lucky Yankees cap.
Slacks, button-down shirt, stylish shoes
I just throw on whatever. Clothes don't matter all that much.
I go all out and get into my custom-made Armani suit.

3. When your mate calls you on the phone, you usually feel:

Like she's bugging the hell out of me. Why do women call so much?
Excited and happy to talk with her.
Nothing at all. It's just a phone call.
Like she wants something from me since women tend to have ulterior motives

4. A female friend wants to set you up with a super-fine sista who works in her office building. You:

Don't hesitate and quickly give your friend your digits so that she may pass them along.
Ignore the question and ask the female friend why she never wants to give you any play.
Kindly mention that you're interested in someone else and would first like to see how it progresses.
Get the digits of the sexy sista and store it until you can determine what the future holds.

5. It's Friday night. You can either spend it with your mate, or accept a date with a woman you feel is much sexier. What do you do?

Cancel any plans you had with your current mate and make arrangements to meet the new chick.
Your interest in your mate helps you ignore those of feelings.
Does it matter which one I choose? I'll just end up wishing I'd done the opposite.
Call your mate and make plans, though you really would rather be alone.

6. Your mate keeps your interest because:

She's got a juicy ass, the sex is hot, and I don't want to give that up!
She pays attention to me when I tell her what to do.
I value her worth and wish to explore the possibilities of a future together.
I'm not really interested. She's just someone to have fun with.

7. You usually chill with the fellas on Saturday, taking in football games and having a few beers. If your mate asks you about attending a movie, you:

Drop your friends and make arrangements to spend time with your girl.
Immediately recite the unwritten “Saturday-Rule” which states, “A man must be alone on Saturdays”.
Tell her to forget the movie and invite her to hang out with they guys.
Wonder why the God has placed such a demanding woman in your life.

8. During a disagreement with your mate, you usually:

Throw your hands up and spend the entire time defending yourself.
Don't really listen to what she's saying, but meticulous prepare your response.
Try to listen and better understand the issue.

9. Your mate is excited about an upcoming wedding party and wants you to attend. How do you handle this?

If I don't know the people getting married, I'm not attending.
She's my girl. If she wants me to be there, I want to go.
I suggest we do something entirely different. Why waste a Saturday evening?
Ask your mate what she plans on wearing so that you can make sure it's appropriate.

10. During a conversation, she reveals that she has been having problems letting go of her ex.

Express that you understand and though still interested, you’re willing to give her time.
Tell her she's a nutcase, then leave.
Give her an ultimatum: "It's me or him!"
Feel pretty bad and tell her that she needs to get herself together before spending time with you.

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