How Do You Know If She Is Ms. Right?

Dating and finding the perfect mate for yourself can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But don't fret. There are tons of beautiful, smart women out there, just waiting to find a stud such as yourself. So how do you know if she's "Ms. Right"? Answer these 10 questions and you'll find out.

1. When you spend time with her, how does it make you feel inside?

Like a king. I feel like I'm the most important person in her life
I feel really good. We get along well and I have much respect for her
I feel okay, but sometimes still feel uncomfortable with committment
I feel like I feel when I'm by myself. She's cool to have around, but I'm not overly excited

2. When you're talking with your mate, you get the sense that she is:

Hearing, listening and sincerely concerned about what you're saying
Listening to you and understand what's being said
Hearing what you're saying, but not really listening
Just there in body and could care less about what you're saying

3. If your mate receives news that is either sad and upsetting; or happy and cheerful, she:

Tells you first and foremost
Tells you after she finishes telling her girlfriend
Tells you after she's told everyone else
Never concerns herself with telling you

4. When it comes to commonalities, you and your mate are:

Like two peas in a pod
Very similar, but have healthy differences
Very different, but agree on some common issues
Totally opposite and hardly ever find common ground

5. If you don't have children with your mate already, how do you view her as a potential mother?

She would be an excellent mother, exhibiting the best skills
Her maternal instincts would prove to be outstanding
She probably has a bit to learn, but I guess she would be a good mother
Her? A mother? What for?

6. Your new girlfriend invites you to meet the family, you feel:

Delighted and thrilled that she asked
A bit nervous about meeting the group, but totally interested
Flustered and confused as to why she would ask
Offended that she would even consider it

7. Your mate asks you to attend a formal cultural event, you look at this as:

Her wanting to spend quality time with you
A chance for you and your mate to interact, socially
An attempt by your mate to show you off to her friends
A move to teach you about things that you don't already know

8. When your guy friends ask you to describe your new mate, you:

Tell them how special she is and that she's, "a keeper"
Mention her good qualities, but don't reveal too much about her
Talk about how much she likes having sex with you
Don't acknowledge that you actually have a mate

9. When your mate speaks about your relationship, she often:

Talks about both of you and includes your feelings
Mentions her needs and wants and asks you about yours
Complains and seems to only be concerned about what she wants
Seems angry, unhappy and never asks how you feel

10. When you've spent quality time with your mate, how do you feel afterwards?

Energetic and happy
Calmed and relaxed
Anxious and nervous
Depressed and disappointed

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