Confidence: Where Is Yours?

Life often tests men on their abilities to retain confidence and exemplify strength. These pop-quizzes seem to show up at random, when you least expect them. Where is your confidence level? Take the quiz to find out.

1. You have been contacted for a job interview. You are definitely qualified and you feel:

Very excited at the prospect of a new job
Glad that they called you instead of someone else
A little anxious about the whole interview process
Nervous and constantly wonder if the employer will like you

2. When you go out on dates, talking about yourself is usually:

An easy task since you feel very confident in describing yourself
Not stressful. You have no problems talking about yourself
Not of interest to you, but you'll do it if she's persistent
Extremely difficult and avoided, if possible

3. When you walk into a room full of people:

Everyone notices me and my aura permeates the place
Many people notice me, especially after I start talking
You would rather not be noticed and usually find a seat quickly
You shy away from any notice of you by turning and leaving

4. Looking in the mirror, you give your overall appearance: (Scale:1=Poor -- 10=Excellent)

Above a 10!
Somewhere between 6 and 9
Around 5 or a few notches below
2 or less

5. When in public, you tend to:

Walk upright, chin up, chest out
Walk upright, face pointed straight ahead
Walk upright, face pointing downward sometimes
Walk upright, face pointing downward, moving away from other people

6. Your mate asks about your future goals and your response is:

Detailed and elaborate consisting of precise plans
Straightforward and concise, but descriptive
Slow, since you're unsure about your abilities and how to make plans work
Non-existent since you don't spend time thinking about it

7. On the job, your ability to perform and complete assigned tasks is usually:


8. How do you approach persons when you need something from them?

I usually just come right out and ask them for what I want
Say a few words to make them comfortable, then ask for what I want
Reluctantly most times, but I eventually get around to saying what I want
I try not to approach them since asking for things is a bit uncomfortable

9. You're at a PTA meeting at your child's school, you would probably:

Be one of the main speakers, offering his opinion
Express himself a bit and allow others to interact and respond
Sit, listen and observe
Remain quiet, even when an issue involving your child arises

10. If you're approaching a woman to ask out on a date, you speak:

Openly, with charm and flair
A few other words first, then eventually get around to asking her out
Anxiously, not sure whether or not you should even ask
Nervously and never get around to asking her

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