Are You An Open Book?

Being open and revealing is sometimes a rough spot for men. Women desire, but brothas seem to shy away from it. How open are you? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You've had a bad day at work. Your significant other asks you about it. You say:

"I'm glad you asked...I have so much on my mind"
"Well, I don't want to bore you with my problems, but..."
"It's no biggie... it will go away soon"
"Problem? I don't have any problems at work"

2. When it comes to sex, you tell your mate:

Exactly what you want
Sometimes what you desire
Seldom what you desire
Never what you desire

3. If you are asked to describe your life and career, you:

Accept the question and gladly expound on it
Think about it for a moment, then start your explanation
Wonder why anyone cares and don't reveal anything
Cringe and shy away from any descriptions of self

4. If your mate asks you 21 questions, you have:

21 answers that are open and honest
16 answers and a few, "let me think about that" 's
10 answers and a bunch of, "I'm not sure if I can reveal that"
0 answers and an explicit, "That's none of your business"

5. While in the company of others, you:

Always mention a few things about yourself
Sometimes mention a few things about yourself
Seldom mention a few things about yourself
Never mention anything about yourself

6. If someone is trying to get to know you, you:

Voluntarily reveal any information that may help them
Sometimes open up, revealing personal information
Only reveal personal information when you're ready
Don't mention personal things under any circumstances

7. When you talk about yourself to others, you usually feel:

Intrigued by revealing things about yourself
Good and glad that others may be interested
A bit anxious since most people don't understand you
Flustered and never know what to say

8. If you are in an argument with your mate, it's more important:

For you to make your feelings known and also listen and understand hers
For you to speak your mind, sometimes listening to her
To be quiet and only listen to her
Walk away, since you seldom have anything to say

9. Your good friend just got a job in Alaska. You're not a big mush, but you:

Openly state that he'll be missed
Give a firm handshake and ask if he needs any help moving
Pat him on his back and say, "Good Luck"
Never express any feelings like that

10. You meet a sexy young lady who is very inquisitive. This makes you feel:

That she is highly interested in you
Like you're a good subject for her
Like you're being bothered
Agitated and defensive

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