Is Your Relationship With Your Mate A Strong One?

This test is used to determine whether or not your bond with your mate is a strong one.

1. During an argument with your significant other, you resort to name-calling:

Always... best way to get my point across
Sometimes... since she doest it to me
Rarely. Name-calling is not the best way to deal
Never! That is totally disrespectful

2. Your mate suddenly announces a dinner party that's taking place tomorrow. You feel:

Angry that she didn't tell you sooner
A little caught off-guard, but ready to go
Good that she thinks enough of you to invite you
Excited about a spur-of-the-moment gathering

3. When you cause problems in your relationship, you usually:

Defend yourself, even when you know you're wrong
Stick to your original stance, even though you caused the problem
Openly admit your contribution to the problem
Are quick to apologize and make a mends when things go bad

4. What stands out more in your relationship

Times when my partner totally screws things up
Occasions when my mate and I argue
Those times when my partner and I get along well
The times when my mate really puts forth efforts to work on our bond

5. Your dedication to your mate and your relationship, could be defined as:

Weak and non-chalant
Mediocre and challenging, at times
Good and straightforward
Strong and undying

6. Are there things that you hide or keep from your mate?

Yes... definitely
Yes... but I'm reluctant to do it
Not really. Only the small stuff that isn't worth our time
No... I'm an open book!

7. When talking to your mate, you find your attention to be:

Wavering as you wish to be somewhere else
Stagnant, but you'll at least listen
Focused on her words, understanding what she's saying
Completely in tune to her and the dialogue

8. If your mate asks you a serious of personal questions, you feel:

Like you're being interrogated by a detective
As if she's seeking specific responses
Glad that she's still interested in you
Happy to reveal more about yourself to her

9. When you think about the future with your mate, you feel mostly:

Depressed and unsure
Content with the way things are now
Just happy to currently be with someone you get along with
Excited about the future growth and progress of the relationship

10. You just got a promotion and you tell your mate because:

She'll get upset if you mention it to someone else first
You know that sharing is part of a relationship
You would like for her to know and feel your happiness
You are estatic about what it could mean for both of you

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