What Do You Know About The Sex Thing?

Alright fellas… Think you know what you need to know about sexing your woman? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

1. A woman is more likely to have an orgasm through:

Straight up intercourse
Clitoral and vaginal stimulation
Watching her favorite porn flick
You talking dirty to her

2. When used properly, how effective are condoms in preventing pregnancy?


3. What type of condom is effective at preventing the transmission of STD's?

Silk elastic

4. Which of the following body parts can be considered, "errogenous zones"?

Toes and feet
Clitoris and labia
Nape of the neck and earlobes
Any of these, ...if you know what you're doing!

5. If you lose your erection during sex, the best thing to do is?

Use some other body parts (tongue, hands, etc) to continue pleasing her
Pop in a flick and try to get Little Johnny back up
Tell her how this has never happened to you before
Get up and leave

6. Your best chance at discovering what she likes/dislikes when it comes to sex, is to:

Try techniques you've used in previous sexual relationships
Ask her what she wants
Use popular techniques explained in the latest sex guides
Surprise her with different positions, toys, videos, etc

7. When it comes to kissing and caressing during foreplay, many women find these acts:

Very pleasing and stimulating
A waste of time
Degrading and humiliating
All of the above

8. Your lady suggests a little role-playing in bed. You should:

Make a comment about it being silly
Seek to understand her desire and possibly be open to trying it
Critique and analyze the fact that she even mentioned it
Only participate if it's pleasurable for you

9. Romance and seduction starts:

Right before intercourse
Outside of the bedroom, during day-to-day interaction
Immediately after dinner
Only on the weekends after work

10. Women can be a bit more self-conscious than men when it comes to their bodies?

It's about the same for women and men
It's exactly the same for women and men

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