How Intimidated Are You By The Independent, Successful Sista?

During the past two decades, it has been almost impossible to find sistas who aren't independent, successful and beautiful. What are your feelings towards successful black women?

1. If your wife makes more money on her job than you make on yours, you feel:

Great. I love a woman with cash!
Fine. It's good that she can command that kinda money
Okay. As long as she doesn't talk about it all the time
I hate it. A man should bring in the most money in a relationship

2. A woman who speaks her mind is:

To be given the utmost respect
Very intriguing to listen to
A bit loud, but respectable
Overly agressive and borderline, bitchy

3. When it comes to starting a relationship, what is the best thing you could provide to your mate?

To be a caring, trusting, soulmate and friend
To be a friend when all of her other friends walk out on her
Just an ear to listen
Money, sex and whatever else she needs me for

4. If a black woman holds a strategic, powerful position in a corporate environment, you will likely:

Be highy inspired by her achievements
Be supportive of her if she needs it
Label her has agressive and headstrong
Depict her as having "male-like" drive and determination

5. You're standing in a grocery store checkout line and you're $3.84 short. Your mate gives you the money, you feel:

Happy that she's such a lifesaver
Glad that she was there when you needed someone
Irritated that she would embarrass you even more than you already are
Angry at the thought of a woman helping you financially

6. You're due to attend a corporate luncheon with top executives from a partner firm. You find out that the lead exec is a black female. You feel:

Excited about getting your flirt on if she isn't married
Interested in learning how she obtained such a high position
Like you must walk in, standing tall and commanding more attention
That the exec in question should be in another job because of her gender

7. When a woman mentions that she's earned and paid for her own house, car, bills, vacations, etc. -- you:

Wonder if she needs a husband and gladly volunteers for the role
Feel compelled to get to know her better
Believe that she's been sleeping her way up the corporate ladder
Believe that a man has given her all of those material possessions

8. A woman who is well-spoken and articulate makes you feel:

Intrigued and interested in more conversation with her
Don't really have any feelings... as long as she can communicate
That she's trying to prove something by speaking above you
That she believes herself to be better than you and most other men

9. When a woman works to attain advanced knowledge and professional goals, you think:

That she is intelligent, goal-oriented and diverse
That her advancement speaks highly of her desire to learn and make herself happy
That she's purposely trying to take the postion of a man
That she's seeking to prove to men that she can do anything they can do

10. You're out on the town and your date starts a conversation with co-workers that goes way over your head. You feel:

Interested in their conversation and will ask your date about it later
Glad to know that you're with a sista whose got some serious knowledge
Frustrated because you don't know what they're talking about
Angry since she obviously knows more about this subject than you do

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