The Female Body

Yes... it is a temple. So complexed; so beautiful; yet mysterious at times. How much do you know about her body? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Just as men are born with the ability to produce sperm, women produce eggs that are:

Being reproduced on a daily basis
Finite and limited
Few in number.... only about 100 exists in her body
None of the above

2. What could cause a woman to have a yeast infection?

Taking antibiotics
Birth control pills
Menstrual cycle
All of the above

3. The American College of Radiology recommends that women seek annual mammograms:

When they are over the age of 20
When they are over the age of 30
When they are over the age of 40
When they are over the age of 50

4. The female menstrual cycle usually occurs:

About once a week
About once every two weeks
About once a month
About once every 9 months

5. Women's bodies produce a small amount of testosterone:

Yes, this is true
No, this is false
Maybe. Researchers haven't figured it out yet
Sometimes. Only in certain ethnicities

6. Gynelogical exams for women usually consist of:

A trip to the dentist
A Pap smear
Multiple incisions to detect fibroid tumors
Free fruit and grain bars for nutrients

7. During a woman's menstrual period, she may experience:

Lower back pain
All of the above

8. The famous "G-Spot" is believed to be located:

Just behind her right knee
Above her back, right at the nape of her neck
Just inside the vagina, about a third of the way up the front wall
Towards the back of the throat

9. Which of the following are not examples of childbirth procedures?

Natural and C-Section
Xs1R-Painless and Elevated
Underwater childbirth
None of the above

10. The FDA says that this is the best first-food substance for babies:

Bottled water
Strained vegetables
Powered milk products
Breast milk

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