Relationships Quizzes

If there were a book entitled "All You Need To Know About Black Women, Love, and Relationships," men would have it made. There isn't such a book, but Mybrotha has compiled a set of intriguing questions designed to test your knowledge of personality, love, women, life experiences, sex, and relationships.



Personality quizzes are designed to dig deep into the psyche to recognize the knowns and discover the unknowns about the way men think, feel, and act. No Freudian slips here. Just a good 'ol fashioned personality test.

» Are You A Metrosexual Man?
» How Big Is Your Ego?
» Confidence: Where Is Yours?
» Are You An Open Book?


Let guys tell the story and you'd think we knew all there is to know about the female species. The women of the world are beautiful, but complex animals, and these quizzes may reveal just how limited a man's knowledge truly is.

» How Well Do You Understand "Woman-Speak"?
» Women's Health Quiz: For Men
» Knowing A Little About Women
» Intimidated By The Independent, Successful Sista?
» The Female Body


We all think we're performing miracles in bed, right? All of that screaming and moaning is great unless, of course, she's just a good actress. Find out if all that yelling is from pure pleasure, or just cries for help.

» Are You Bad In Bed?
» What Turns You On?
» What Do You Know About The Sex Thing?
» Facts About Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Some of us have been in a few. Others, a lot. It takes plenty of work to maintain a good relationship, and we have just the tests to help keep you in check.

» Do You Take 'No' For An Answer?
» Are You Obsessive?
» Are You In Love?
» How Do You Know If She Is Ms. Right?
» Is Your Relationship With Your Mate A Strong One?

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