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Reaching Out To Your Brother

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Many Black men who consider themselves to be among the elite, sometimes have difficulty understanding why some men struggle with life's most challenging obstacles. Whether those obstacles involve being a responsible father, or respecting Black women, the elite often speculate on the ability of other men to make the connection between spirituality, manhood and maturity.

We reserve the term, "elite" to describe only those men who know and understand the true meaning of being a man, not those of domineering, egotistical or pretentious character. We feel obligated to use the word "elite", simply because many Black men do not fall into this category. Those considered to be the best of the best, are those who have excelled in many facets of their lives. These men generate positive influence in the lives of young men and women; remain diligent in their personal endeavors and career-related goals; seek to grow, understand and respect their connections with the women in their lives; and through religion and spirituality, learn to walk by Faith and not by sight.

These men are also frequently asking themselves, "If I can stimulate positive and dramatic shifts in how I respond to self, my family, my spouse, and my job; pick myself up; work hard and break through the struggles; and persevere in certain facets of my life, why can't they?"

While this is certainly a valid question, it assumes that all Black men are spiritually aware of the many blessings already bestowed upon them. Sadly, a large number of our young Black men are socialized and shown that there is no true family structure, so they seek out gangs. The imagery splashed on their television screens consists of half-dressed women and fancy cars, so they learn to view women as sexual conquests and expect to live in fancy homes and drive high-class vehicles.

The issues regarding how our young men are brought up in the home, and what they see in their schools and on television, is a long-standing debate. A debate that deserves repeated revisits until its social strangle-hold on our younger Black men has been lifted.

Some of those debates involve a significant amount of uncontrollable injustices that are present in our communities. However, there are roles designated to those men who are considered to be among the elite. Within those roles exists a number of methods for teaching, leading, and empowering those who are either inept or unable to see the essence of a true man.

Does this group of elite Black men have an obligation to fill those roles?

There are many answers to this question and most of them can be found within the hearts and minds of each of these men we've labeled, "elite".

We cannot direct each man on a specific means or vehicle for reaching out to his brothers, but we do encourage men to begin by extending a hand.

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