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Ready For Sex: Grooming Tips For Men

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For some odd reason, a lot of men forget about the appropriate aesthetic and hygienic steps that should be taken before engaging in sex. Ordinarily, it's the sista who does all of the touching up, trimming, styling and perfuming before sexual activity begins. Aside from the fact that you should be keeping clean simply because you're a human being, cleanliness in the bedroom is one key to a glorious sexual experience.

So where do we start?

How about beginning with the most prized possession of any grown man who has ever walked the earth. You guessed it: The Penis

Keeping It Clean
Because we are a family-oriented type of website, we will refrain from using society's more popular terms, like "bleep", @*(!&$x, or __________. Besides--we should call it exactly what it is, anatomically.

When talking about cleanliness and grooming, a lot of men don't think about taking care of the penis in the same way they would take care of their faces. But cleanliness of the penis and the entire pubic area, is time well spent.

Washing is ALWAYS a good thing. No rocket science here. Good 'ol soap and water in the shower will do just fine. Most medical professionals do not suggest washing the penis or the testicle area with perfume-based cleansers, since they probably won't provide much more benefit.

Trimming The Hedges
Just as important as keeping the penis and the testicle area (scrotum) fresh and clean, keeping the yard trimmed is paramount. Men often neglect this task.

But be forewarned, trimming the hair in pubic areas can be tricky and more importantly, dangerous! Here are some tools that you should not use for trimming around the pubic area:

  • Large Scissors - unless you have the skill of a barber, you may find it difficult to maneuver around those private parts with such a large cutting instrument
  • Hair Clippers - These are just plain dangerous. While they may be okay for trimming the top portion of pubic hair above the penis, they can be dangerous for trimming hair around, or below the penis. The skin around the testicle sack (scrotum) is thin, and rather sensitive. The rapid vibrating motion of hair clippers can easily tear this skin.
  • Wax - Waxing your arms or back is pretty painful. We can't imagine the trauma your poor private area would feel if you used a waxing method to rip out hair! Why would you want to do this anyway? The answer is, you don't!
  • Depilatories - While these convenient creams are great for removing hair from the face and head, they're not recommended for the penis, testicles, or pubic area. Depilatory creams contain chemical substances that when applied, remove hair are the skin level. Not the best idea in the pubic area, especially the penis and scrotum. Both have porous surfaces and not enough studies have shown any safety when applying depilatory creams to these areas. Besides that, these creams are usually accompanied by skin irritation if not applied properly.

Ouch! All of those were scary. But you can stop wincing and start breathing again.

And since we do not recommend large scissors, depilatories, hair clippers, and some other dangerous devices, here are some items we will recommend:

  • Wet/Dry Personal Trimmers - Unlike large hair trimmers, the smaller personal trimmer doesn't have the velocity, speed, or rpm's that can rip your sensitive skin to shreds. However, you should still use caution when employing these devices. We recommend using the rotary features of the personal trimmer. It allows you to reach those difficult areas and the blades are internal to the device. This keeps the blades from touching the skin.
  • Women's Nail Scissors - Again, you must still use caution when operating with scissors. These scissors are a small and compact, and can be maneuvered more easily than their larger versions. But keep in mind that nail scissors usually have very sharp blades and can certainly cause serious damage if you're not careful.

Nail Care
Women like to be touched. But not with rough, crackly, jagged fingers. We often hear women complain about the harshness of the touches they receive from their men during sex. This is especially true during foreplay sex when men like to fondle and play with those luscious female parts.

The clitoris is a very sensitive area of the female body, so dragging your big, stubby finger with all of its hangnails across it, causes a bit of discomfort for the woman. Clean, nicely trimmed, nails is much more like it. You don't have to get a French manicure, but weekly nail trimmings should do the trick.

Okay. Let's sum up:

  • Washing is NEVER a bad thing. Do it well, and do it often.
  • Don't use big, bulky metal tools to trim hair around the pubic area. Doing so is risky, and could result in injury if you're not careful.
  • Don't use depilatories, chemicals, or alchol-based liquids on or around the penis. You will pay dearly if you choose to use any of these substances.
  • Do use smaller, more manageable means to keep the pubic area fresh and clean.
  • Trim those nails! She will absolutely love you for it.

By now, you should know that women won't always be brutally honest when they know the truth will squeeze a man's ego. Unlike men, women may use hints and insinuations to let you know that fresher is better.

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