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Say "I Do" Without Breaking the Bank

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(Mybrotha.COM) -- A lot of jewelers and social etiquette bugs have a formula for how much a man should spend on an engagement ring. It's the two-month rule which states that two months salary should go towards the purchase of an engagement ring. No one is exactly sure how they came up with that calculation, but jewelers and their cheerleaders have an incentive to get men to spend that much money. You, however, may be looking for a less expensive option.

In celebration of National Proposal Day on March 20 (yes, there is such a day) an inexpensive alternative exists for men who are ready to pop the big question.

Results from a recent survey conducted on behalf of Walmart might surprise you. In reality, 60 percent of respondents surveyed believe less than $2,000 should be spent on an engagement ring and that the "thought put into the ring" is what matters most, not the cost or carat size.

"Couples today face a lot of financial pressures and we believe ring buying shouldn't be one of them," said Ginny Rothschild, senior category director of jewelry and accessories at Walmart. "With hundreds of styles to choose from, we are able to provide customers with high-quality bridal jewelry at affordable prices so they can save money while still living happily ever after."

Walmart's Engagement Survey, which surveyed 1,500 respondents about their perceptions of engagement rings, also discovered:

  • Two Months' Salary is a Thing of the Past: Nearly half of Americans surveyed (47.6 percent) disagree that an engagement ring should cost the age-old "rule" of two months' salary.
  • A Team Effort: Fifty-five percent of respondents agree that the ring recipient should have input in the buying process.
  • It's Not the Size That Counts: Sixty percent of respondents disagree that ring quality is defined by the size of the diamond. Women (64.1 percent) disagree slightly more than men (56.4 percent) when it comes to the importance of the size of the diamond.
  • But It's the Thought That Does: A third of respondents (33.1 percent) said the thought put into the ring is what matters most, followed by the design of the ring (29.3 percent) and cost (23.6 percent).
  • Finding the Perfect Ring Doesn't Have to Take Months: Sixty percent of survey respondents think less than a month is sufficient time to shop for that perfect engagement ring.
Now before you scoff at the idea of purchasing a ring from Walmart, keep in mind that the precious metals and stones provided by Walmart are equal or better than jewelry found in high-end department stores at your local mall.

Walmart offers an assortment of quality diamond jewelry for under $1000. Walmart's assortment of rings starts at $58 and include The Forever Bride Collection (engagement rings starting at $58), the Always & Forever Platinaire Collection (engagement rings starting at $98) and The Keepsake Collection (engagement rings starting at $168).

Walmart's bridal jewelry collections are carefully selected to ensure quality by adhering to the four "Cs" that all men should know before selecting a stone -- cut, color, clarity and carat.

In addition to engagement rings, Walmart and also offer an extensive assortment of wedding bands to help complete the wedding experience. For customers looking for help financing the rings, Walmart offers layaway year-round on all jewelry purchases. The retailer is also offering special financing for six, 12 or 18 months on jewelry purchases made in store with a Walmart Credit Card.

To learn more about Walmart's Bridal Jewelry collections, please visit Walmart Engagement Rings. Individual ring selections vary by store.

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