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Does Size Matter?

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An age-old question from one man, but often asked by many men during those dating years.

Question from Chris:

If you ask a woman "Does size matter?", you tend to get a generic answer. Some say "yes", while others say "no".

So... which is it?

-- David from Illinois

The Brothas Response:

The question about penis size has been around -- well, since penises! But The Brothas are wondering why you have doubts when the answers have already been given. If some women say it matters to them, then it probably does. Others who say it doesn't matter, will likely have no reason to be dishonest.

So maybe a better question is: Does your size matter to you?

Many men experience anxieties about physical size and sexual performance. We occasionally question our abilities in bed, our sexual skill-level, our penis sizes, and our technique. But the idea of rating oneself isn't unique to men. Women often experience similar anxieties such when it comes to breast size and other physical beauty attributes. While some men are attracted to specific sizes of female breasts, others have no defined preference.

Keep in mind that all women are different. Some may desire a specific penis size, but many do not. Even if a measuring stick was used against you, don't use it to judge yourself. You're pretty much stuck with the size of your parts. Even if you could change them, your new size will remain desirable by some, and undesirable by others. Hence you have an endless circle that should have never started.

Women are typically more concerned about how good you make them feel -- no matter your size.


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