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To Talk Or Not To Talk

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Talk, talk, talk. Is that all she's about?

Question from Derrick:

My girlfriend always gets upset when I don't talk to her. I talk sometimes, but she likes to have those marathon conversations. Plus, I don't like to talk about the stuff she usually wants to talk about (her job and her silly coworkers come to mind). What should I do when I really have nothing to talk about? -- Dell

The Brothas Response:

Dear Dell,

This is a common question we get from men. Especially since men aren't usually noted as big talkers. But this is 2007, Dell -- talking is no longer considered just a "female only" thing.

As a matter of fact, we often hear of women having to be rescued from the jibber-jabber they get from a man who talks too much. Guys have a lot to jibber and jabber about these days, but apparently -- you don't.

Even if you can't stand talking about things she likes, do your best to listen. It's very easy to turn a deaf ear to anyone who's talking about a boring subject. However, women often need a caring ear that will listen without judgement.

You should also try to find common things you can talk about with your girlfriend. It sounds like she's the type who just wants you to say something -- anything! No doubt, she'll listen.

So if you like chatting about basketball, cars, or computer chips -- find a way to bring those subjects into a conversation you both can participate in.


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