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It's Time For Men To Come Clean

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(Mybrotha.COM) - It's time for men to come clean --- with their skin that is. As an independant consultant for one of the most noted companies in the industry, Color Me Beautiful, which features products from supermodel Iman, Flori Roberts and Interface designed for all people of color, it distresses me to see so many of our otherwise fine brothers with torn up skin complexions, uneven color and painful razor bumps when I know that with just a little knowledge on the basics of skin care, they could get tremendous relief.

Now don't get me wrong, recently I have met a few of you who are really into your microdermabrasians and exfoliators and once I got up off the floor in shocked disbelief, I applauded you heartily. This by no means though, has been the norm. I mean think about it, growing up, what did your daily skin care routine consist of? Most likely it was a dash and a slap of water, some after shave and a hail Mary, right? Who was teaching good skin care to you and then again, how many of you were willing and able to hear it? What if your friends found out...would there be any sanctuary left? Would they think you were... don't even say it. But think about this, how much pain, torture and teasing would some of you have been spared during those ackward years from twelve until now, if you had just been educated about what to do about pimple breakouts before they completely took over your entire face?

When I speak with men about my products or to let them know they don't have to suffer in silence, I can't tell you how many times I hear the jokingly relayed fear that they will start to sprout some "female" something or other. The real truth of the matter is that a great complexion can take a man further than where he already is, in many cases, this means in both his career and in personal relationships. I'm on a one woman sistah crusade to save the faces of men wherever they may be.

What I'm about to share with you may just revolutionize your world! Good skin care takes about 5 to 10 minutes a day and can dramatically reduce, or in some cases reverse the signs of aging on your face. How many of you knew there are products which can lift or firm up sagging skin, calm down acne prone and blemished skin, or reduce puffiness under your eyes from too many nights out...doing whatever it was you were doing? And that uneven skin tone with areas that are too dark or too light? There's even a clinically proven, herbally based product new to the market called "Enlighten", which can do that for you too in as little as four to six weeks!

Many products come in "manly" colored bottles and work wonders on razor bumps using "non-perfumy" smelling ingredients, which understandably is a major concern of you men. They help heal your skin and don't sting after shaving, conditioning the skin and leaving it touchably clean and inviting. Take it from a woman, it's not just about the nuzzle and the snuggle...we notice.

The Basics of Good Skin Care In actuality, good skin care consists of these critical steps:
  1. Cleanse the skin in both the AM and the PM to remove dirt, debris, airborn pollutants, smoke residue etc.
  2. Toner to firm the skin, reduce the size of visible pores and prepare skin for the third step
  3. Moisturizers are needed by the skin, even oily skin, in order to hydrate it and to provide a protective barrier from the elements your face comes in contact with throughout the day
  4. The fourth step is inserted between the cleanser and the toner twice a week. This is typically called an exfoliator, or a renewal product. Every 27 to 30 days the skin gets a new layer. If dead skin cells are not removed, the new cells get trapped beneath the old, causing the skin to look dull, or perhaps grayish. As we mature, this process slows down even more. By using a product which either dissolves the dead skin cells or gently scrubs them away, your skin will look radically improved as a result. e.. Men deserve to look their absolute best too!

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About The Author - Tracey Alma Gamble

Alma Tracey Gamble is the owner of Makeup4Women, an Independent Consultant for Color Me Beautiful skin care and cosmetics products She currently resides in Michigan with her family.

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