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Can I Get Some Decent Food?

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could all marry gourmet chefs!

Question from Pat:

How do I tell my wife that her cooking isn't so great? I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I have been eating the same bland meals for a few years now. Any suggestions on what to say and not have her throw a cast iron skillet at me?

-- Pat

The Brothas Response:

This can be a tough situation!

First -- you should be appreciative that your wife even bothers to cook at all. Lots of men have wives who either do not cook, or have a hard time boiling water.

You probably gave her a favorable response before getting married and she's probably thinking her cooking is still great. But if your tastebuds are suffering, there are constructive ways to offer an opinion.

  • Understand that your wife is not intentionally creating bad meals just to aggravate you.
  • Also understand that while you may wish she could cook like Emeril Lagasse, you may never receive 5-star meals.
  • Offering criticism:

    1. Before offering any constructive critiques, try to preface it with something she's doing right. For example, "Those rolls you made last night were smokin' good!"
    2. Never make statements like, "This was nasty!", or "I didn't like that last meal." Instead, offer suggestions like: "I think I'd like it better if you sprinkled on less black pepper."
    3. Offer to help prepare specific dishes, or show her a particular recipe you'd like her to try.
Just remember: be respectful and gentle. You are lucky to have a wife who takes the time and energy to prepare your meals, so never allow her to forget that she is appreciated.


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